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Lisa Fehr
web developer


Location: Ontario, Canada

Currently: Alumni
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Recognition in German Language

Work Portfolio: warfehr.com

Me: the artist

I started digital rendering 14 years ago. I prefer working in Photoshop 5.02 and using a Wacom tablet. As for drawing in general, it’s a habit I’ve had most my life.

I like Silk Screen printing, Waterless Litho, and chemically burning print plates.

Me: the programmer

I enjoy web development. XHTML, CSS, XML, Javascript / AJAX / JQuery, PHP and MySQL are my favorites. I’m also experienced with additional software languages, prototyping, and project development practices.

I make customized admins and web applications. I also make custom WordPress themes, layouts and plugins.

Check out my detailed programming stats on my work portfolio.

Me: the … erm… human

DezemberSchneeroseBeen in Ontario for two years now with my fuzzy kitten and my red sphynx. Enjoying the Forest city, my house and spending time with my boyfriend.