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kitty pics

30. Apr, 2009 @ 00:54 <
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So now I wait for my advanced German mark to see if I get my Minor and graduate this year.

Since I was busy, I missed posting my kitty pics. awh, he’s starting to get the cute blue eyed / cross eyed Siamese thing going on.

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b-day cake

10. Apr, 2009 @ 16:22 <
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My cake for the quilting bee Birthday Cake activity:

Now I return to studying for finals.. boo.

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04. Apr, 2009 @ 18:36 <
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ehe..I’ve been tardy. It’s my last year in Uni and I’ve been trying to stay afloat. My teachers have been pretty awesome considering my health hasn’t been so good. I did update my profile page, tho.

I did a phidget assignment in C#. I programmed it to turn on the LED lights when it’s dark with a light sensor, and turn a motor to it’s max when I touch the touch sensor then turn it back to it’s min when I release.


And I used a turning nob to turn the other motor in the direction I twisted it. I want!


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